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wow, am2, it must feel great to be staying within your maintenance range!!! hope i can say that one day. i will keep working hard at it and make it so. thanks, i'm glad to be feeling better.

had my regular yearly physical yesterday, and had been feeling discouraged because losing so slowly, but my doc reminded me that i had lost 30lbs in this past year+, which she and the nurse who weighed me thought was terrific. it was nice to hear that. still haven't been able to get back to full regular exercise routine yet, but doc also reminded me that i will be able to soon, and that what i am doing now is good. she definitely gave me some much needed perspective all the way around.

condo situation continuing to stress me out big time. still not sure if it will even close in a couple of weeks, or if at all. i need a vacation. i was cleaning out my purse today, and found a gift certificate for a massage that i haven't used yet. i need to make an appointment for this a.s.a.p.

so gorgeous out today. was grateful i got the chance to be out and about to enjoy it. well, thinking of all our dear royals, and hoping a good evening will be had by all.

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