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I don't know what kind of chocolate you have around your office but my husband just told me this story tonight when he got home.

His department has a few candy dispensers on a common area platform and they are filled with M&Ms (peanut, regular, you name it). They aren't fancy dispensers, just like from Target or whatever. Well, the peanut one jams because the M&Ms are a bit larger so they get stuck in the shoot.

One of his guys had to work late last night and the cleaning crew showed up while he was still there. The cleaning guy is emptying the trash, dusting, wiping down whatever he cleans. Then...the guy that works with my husband hears the M&Ms rattling and just happens to look over (not caring that he's helping himself to a few M&Ms) and the guy has the top cover of the dispenser off and he's sticking his hand in to grab a handful (the same hand that just emptied trash, cleaned the surfaces, etc.!). Needless to say, the container was dumped and a new bag of M&Ms were put in.

So I asked, who's emptying the container tomorrow and how many times has this guy stuck his dirty hand in the bowl?? YUCK!

I won't tell you the story of his last boss who never washed his hands in the mens room but helped himself to the pretzel snack canister every afternoon.

If that's not enough to keep you away from office snacks, I don't know what is! And sorry for the gross stories!

Good luck on your weightloss!
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