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I made it throught the office day yesterday without starting a binge with those cinnamon rolls - yay! Which means I am on day 7 of binge free! Just today and I did it for a whole week - yay

I had something of an eating frenzy yesterday night after yoga class though (first time ever, and this was power yoga, so I was sweating and hurting!), and I came back ravenous afterwards, although I had eaten before. Lucky for me, I was really craving a tomato-carrot-bell-pepper-chick pea-lettuce salad. I had to go to the store (danger zone if really hungry and already cranky) to get lettuce, but I did get back home with just what I wanted to get. So I totally overate on this salad, was feeling like shoveling it down and also was very stuffed afterwards, which is a feeling I've been trying to avoid. But hey, lesson learned: make sure you're really well-fed before going to yoga, and make sure there's food ready when you get back from class. And I didn't purge, which is ultimately the behavior I want to defeat anyway. So, I'm still counting myself as being on day 7
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