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Originally Posted by brunette8706 View Post
Hi Zoe'sMom!

Thank you for the welcome!

I have another question for you, if you don't mind. If I buy the value pack, is there anyway I can stretch the food out to last more than the 4 weeks. In other words substitute real eggs for breakfast instead of their food, or a fat free cottage cheese for a snack (something low carb high protein).

Thanks so much! Congrats on your weight loss!

WAHAHAHA! Yes. Yes there is. My doctor and I worked out a plan that is VERY similar to ideal protein that only uses 3 packets a day oppossed to the 7 WS wants you to use. That means my 3 month supply suddenly turned into a 7 month supply!

This is a sample of my day:
Breakfast: WS Strawberry smoothie, coffee with one tablespoon of creamer (yep! CREAMER!) and two teaspoons Splenda or other sweethener.
1 Slim Fast 3-2-1 snack bar

Lunch: 1-1/2 cups okra sauteed with garlic and 1/2 cup tomato sauce (reheats amazingly well) and 1 WS Chocolate Chip Cookie w/ Icing

Snack: WS Mocoa Shake

Dinner: 8 ounces teriyaki chicken (homemade teriyaki sauce that is super low in fat/calories/carbs but OH so tastey!) with 1-1/2 cups of brocolli

That was my actual menu yesterday. My totals were:
Calories: 863
Carbs: 75
Fiber: 12
Protein: 72 (lower than my normal, but I know why, so not too concerned)
Fat: 19
Sodium: 789

Granted, I AM being monitored by a doctor, but yes, there is a way to do it. For example, you can easily sub in an EAS CarbAdvantEDGE shake, which IS cheaper (Walmart has a 4 pack for $5). The vanilla EAS shakes are amazing in coffee and you can make a low fat, low calorie, low carb lattee that is surprisingly good. For me, I use an EAS shake after EVERY workout oppossed to taking another WS product (you really ought to account for burned calories when on such a low calorie diet.)

You can easily sub one egg with one egg white to get something similar in nutritional value as that of one WS shake. I am not sure about dairy products so much as I vaguely remember my doctor telling me something about dairy being a wierd protein or something like that and how it can cause spikes in sugar which can stall weight loss. I don't remember EXACTLY what he said, but he advised me personally against it. So, I have no advise on that...but...tofu is something that can be substituted! If you don't like tofu, try tofu alfredo over steamed veggies. Seriously. It is AMAZINGLY GOOD and low in everything! I can even get my super picky kid and husband to eat it, in fact, they prefer it to the fattier version.

After a few weeks, you may find it hard to eat all 7 packets, I know I did, that is why my doctor and I came up with the new plan. There are ways to stretch it out. Just make sure you are:
A) getting enough calores
B) getting enough protein, and
C) taking ALL your supplements

I recommend looking at other forums too, such as Ideal Protein. May WS-ers and many IP-ers for that matter, have mixed the two and have had amazing results. One of the main reasons...saving money. But yes, there is a way. It just takes research or a consult with a doctor who understand nutrition better than a regular GP.

Melsie - get used to that peeing! Actually, it DOES get better. I think it took me roughly 2 weeks. I still pee a lot, but not as much as I did those first couple of weeks. I remember the first three days were insanely miserable, then the following week or so annoying. Now, whatever, it is second nature, so I don't think anything of it. In fact, I hate eating off plan because I get physically ill when I do. Too much crap out there.

I am not too concerned when it comes to maintaining my weight once I hit goal. I've been working closely with my doctor and I feel confident we have a good plan that will work. One of the things I do, even though I know pretty much exactly what I am eating every day, is log EVERY bite that I take (including my gum.) It was hard to remember that at first, but now, second habit. The idea is, if I create the habit now, once I am ready to maintain, I will keep the habit. It is proven those that monitor what they eat substain better than those that don't. MyFitnessPal or LoseIT! are two awesome sites (both have on the go apps too.) On top of that, I work out daily (aside from the past couple days due to a thrown out back.) It went from hard and I hated it to...I REALLY love exercising and get SUPER bummed the days I don't do it. To me, this isn't a diet. This is a lifestyle change to get healthier. To me, I don't care if it takes 7 weeks or 7 years. The weight WILL come off. I WILL win this battle. I have no choice. My kiddo (who turned 4 less than 2 months ago) almost watched me die because of my weight. It WILL NOT happen again. When you have that motivation, anything is possible.

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” ~Henry Ford

Everyone have a wonderful day and here's to an awesome 100% OP day!

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