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Hey everyone!!!!! It was a super crazy weeke.d and i am totally exhausted. Even my trainer and friends at the gym tired i was! Lol went to graduation on friday and ate broccoli at the celebratory dinner! Lol saturday turned out to be a flop. My mom went and did her thing my hibby and dad drove 3 hours 1 way to go to cabelas and my sis and her guy brought their new puppy down. Sunday we went to his moms and rushed back so i could help with my sis's surprise engagement!!! It was so funnt because she did not want to come to my house seeing as she just spent all weekend to get her up here.i had tell her i was sick and.might habe to go to the er. I felt so bad. But any who.... His buddies cought up to her on their motorcycles and she still didnt put 2 and 2 together. Long story short.... She called damian (her guy) and told him to tell them to move she had to get to her sister. Lol they escorted her all the way to the exit off the interatate and he was holding a neon pink and green sign saying merry me? She never saw him and one of the motorcycles had to stop to get her to look. And all we saw was damian drop his head....we thought she had said no(i was fixing to kill her! Lol) but all she said was: yelling of course: really ur gonna do this now? I have to get to my sister!!!!! Damian pointed to me and.said there she is......he had to do it twice. She finally looked over and saw me. I just had this goofy grin and waved at her! She got out of the car and yelled at the 3 acomplices i hate u i hate u and i hate u. She pointed at damian and said i love u. He dropped to 1 knee and she accepted! Lol shes of course fine with it now and loves that she has a fubny story. But dang im glad its over!!!! Lol if your on facebook. There are a ton of pics on my page.

Well i drooped for the firat time with my trainer into the 160's!!!!! We were both estatic!!! Very few left........then i just mai.tain! I cant wait for those days!!! Well ladies i hate to not write individuals but im pooped and have to catch up o. Sleep!!!! Talk to yall tomorrow!!!
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