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Hi're doing terrific so far, especially considering your health issues. Keep up the good work! BBP...I'm the same as you. When I get up in the morning, I'm really stiff, mainly my legs. I have to force myself on my treadmill in the mornings, although I seem to be much more mobile once I've done my 30 minutes. So, perhaps it's a good thing I force myself on.

Glad you enjoyed your birthday, Cajun! One piece of cake worked off with some extra jogging sounds pretty good to me. As for the hula hoop...stay away from the kids section. That's where I started, but the child-sized one was only good for a laugh. No way was it staying up. I subsequently found an adult-sized one at a local store in Toronto, and I'm getting pretty good at it. You want to ensure that the hoop is at least 42", although 44" would likely be even better. There's a great thread on 3FC about hula hoops and the first post has a section listing online sources for hula hoops in the U.S. I've put the link to the thread below. Alternatively, you can just google hula hoops and your city and see what comes up...that's what I did and I found a local source. Hooping is a lot of fun!

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