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I am laughing Muse17. I think your dirty secret is a pretty common one. Too have been known to put on the old rock roll and dance like crazy. It's good exercise- go for it!!!
To Cajun, my husband and I boat a lot. We have a sailboat. This means a LOT of sitting. Sure, there is a little exercise, but not much. So it's a lot like your camping situation. This summer we are really going to try to stick to our salads,and other healthy options, but it is hard!! Camping and boating just seem to scream junk food...
Cincorn, welcome! My weight struggles started also with smoking cessation, back in 1994.... I still say we are better off for not smoking though. I am sorry to hear about your daughter's actions. How painful. My kids are doing OK, I have 2 boys in their late 20s, But they certainly have not "turned out" like I had's is definitely a different generation. Way to go on 14 pounds in five weeks! That is impressive. I am also sorry for your physical problems. Your weight loss will certainly help alleviate some of the pain, so keep going! That is one of my main motivators. I have not been diagnosed with anything specific, but I am so stiff when I wake up, and my back starts to ache after almost any light activity. This getting older is not for sissies.
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