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Lindy - I wished we lived around the corner so that we could go rollerblading together! Such good exercise...

So, things are not so good with new guy unfortunately. Not quite sure what's going on but we didn't end up getting together this weekend at all. We hung out for a while on Weds night but he told me he was struggling with gout which is like inflammatory arthritis in your foot so he went home early and was looking forward to getting an rx filled by his doc so that he could get better. We talked on the phone on thursday night after touching base via txt during the day and all was fine - he was hoping to sleep better that night and was funny and in good spirits on the phone. I knew he was going to finish work on friday around 3pm and we had plans to get together that night. I suggested on thurs night that he take a nap when he got home on friday to catch up on missed sleep. On Friday, he left me a msg saying that he was starting a nap around 4pm and would call me in a few hours. Didn't hear from him again that night. Turns out he slept until the middle of the night so it would have been too late for him to get in touch. Didn't hear from him all day Saturday (weird, right?) until he called after I texted at 5pm asking if he was feeling better. He was cranky and groggy on the phone and did not want me to bring takeout over or anything. So, he said he'd touch base on Sunday (yesterday) and we left it at that. No contact yesterday at all. I texted him around 10 last night hoping that he was feeling better and that he had had a nice time with his mom and that I was going to bed. No reply (although it's possible he went to bed early) and nothing so far today and it's now after lunch. Very strange behavior. Either it's over and he's lost interest or he becomes a completely other (kind of yucky) person when he's dealing with anything medical. Neither is good but I guess it's better to find out early. Any advice?

On the positive side, got lots of exercise and sunshine this weekend and had fun with family and friends. Am heading to Philly for work until Thursday so it'll be nice to be out of town with something different to think about for a few days...

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