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Hello ladies
I had a very good birthday/mothers day weekend. I did eat off plan last night when dh cooked for us. Mil brought favorite birthday cake. I had 1 piece and sent the rest away. It took all I had in me to give that cake away and ot save a piece for this morning. I felt really guilty last night for eating off plan but dh suggested I do a little extra jogging this morning. That's what I did. It's behind me now and I'm looking only forward.
Dh and I spent the night at our camp Saturday after a wedding. We had a very relaxing time. Very seldom do we do nothing. We are always on the go.

Muse whatever we do for exercise is good no matter how silly. Did you ever try zumba? It really fun and can get your heart pumping in a few minutes. Hope you get through your troubles and start feeling better. Just remember you are important and beautiful.

Tuscany I have that walk cd. I would love to hear more about this hole hoop. Did you buy it at walmart in the toys section or find an adult size somewheres else.

BBP I'm also in menopause and I don't lose like in use to. I also get upset when the scale don't move. Sometimes I just want to go eat junk. It won't matter anyhow but I try not to listen to that lil devil sitting on my shoulder telling me its ok to eat off plan.

Sue I'm glad I stumbled on your board. Camping seems to refresh my life. I love sitting by a campfire. But it is very hard to diet when camping. My brain seems to think I have the green light to eat what I want. That lil devil is always on my shoulder encouraging me to eat. I'm never at peace with my eating.

Will be back later.

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