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Hello there
It's 17.05 here.
I am so glad I joined this thread. I don't usually socialise online as I value my privacy a lot and get confused between my "public" face and my "private" face. I am quite open really as you can tell just certain things I am secret about!
You are all wonderfully interesting people and all very brave, I think to be a woman in your fifties you have to be brave in many ways and if the world outside doesn’t value us we have to value ourselves.

Hello wannaskip, sorry the scales were the same, but sometimes I think scales don’t tell the full story. I sometimes react quite badly to not losing weight and just head straight for big bars of chocolate ( while no one else is watching) thinking nothing I do makes any difference but we all know that it does and that in a few days you’ll have lost weight again.

Hello BPP
Thank you for all your kind words and wishes. Congratulations on losing 8lbs!!!! I like the idea of lining up pants ( or in the UK we call them trousers, pants are underwear here). I like to sew , although I am bad at it and take forever making things and some of my old sewing projects are two sizes too small for me now). How interesting you studied music, I am a self-taught musician I came from a background where my family and school would not let me do music, too noisy at home and I was considered too academic at school to waste my time on music!!!!( silly people). I mainly write songs and compose many types of music, but also sing, play guitar, am good with computer music, also I play a little teeny bit of keyboards, sitar, and a rare zither from Indonesia . My son has recently encouraged me to perform my wild electronic music again, otherwise most of my songs are acoustic voice and guitar, my other compositions are electronic/world music/strange things! I always have a zillions projects on.

Hello Tuscanny
Thanks again for all your support. I’m sorry if I was clumsy when explaining what happened on my previous diet, really didn’t mean to be off-putting. I guess whatever way we follow we need to be aware that afterwards the weight has to stay off somehow. I admire your determination. I have no idea what “WATP” means, I googled it and it said “ We are the people” or “We avoid Tax People” but I guess it might be one of those computer programmes.

I have a dirty secret….: at home I love to close the curtains, and find Britney Spears, Beyonce and Madonna pop videos on youtube, yes I know they are awful , and not good role models for young girls, but I have great fun pretending to be them and falling about laughing trying to do the moves, it is a great aerobic work-out and is free, but please follow medical advice first! I like to dance to “Womanizer” and “Toxic” the best, but only in complete privacy!!!! I laugh so much and feel so young and great when I do these. I like to dance to old Michael Jackson videos too and my absolute favourite one is Technotronic "Pump up the Jam"(the D.O.N.S. Feat video version has some great moves but the original is great for a basic workout too). I am sure you could use clips of ballet, Irish dancing, heavy metal head-banging or any type of dancing you like and just have fun.
OK I have written a lot but only because I have too much time today so I might not be so wordy next time. Good luck this week and thanks for your lovely support.xxxx

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