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Originally Posted by CurvyReadhead View Post
I hope to get to the point where you are. Still, a lot of time, i just eat my chocoloate/candy because it is there! It is weird. For me, the large quantities of stuff at home triggers a thought of "I am eating a tiny amount f what's there and that#s ok" whereas if i had no candy at home, i wouldn't go out and buy stuff. Anyone got an idea how to curb this? On the other hand, i am having a huge box of mini chocolates under my desk for months now and it's been like 'out of sight, out of mind'. today, i kinda rediscovered it and at one. then another one. then i thought 'why am i doing this. f** you brain, and stopped". i was content with myself because normally, i would eat a lot more of those mini chocolate thingies. i guess this is progress.
I'm not really too sure how to curb that. I have a few items in my house because I've been trying to introduce stuff, but I don't know if I'll keep those things around long term. I just don't like the power of suggestion. Well done with the mini chocolates. I laughed when I saw you used my same brain scolding idea . As far as "getting to the point where I am", I don't think I am at such a different point as much as I am just looking at the point from a new perspective.
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