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Hi guys I hope you are all doing okay, I was really busy lately buying a house :-)

I was doing really good for 3, almost 4, weeks and binged yesterday. The reason being is that my inlaws are back in town. It gives me social anxiety to meet my husbands family...

His mother is really into being slim (not dieting so much, but just eating little portions). Her and her husband always notice when somebody has a second helping and sometimes even comment on it afterwards (i.e. they let me know that my parents must have loved the food since they both had two portions of meat...). I donīt like going out to dinner with them for that reason and I skipped eating at their house (I always say I rather eat a warm lunch and not like to eat that late).

But just going there stresses me out. She always comments things like "oh Xena eats everything, you are so easy - my other kids are so picky eaters" and it makes me feel horrible. She also comments when I lose weight (not when I gain, but I feel that she notices it). Her daughter lost a good amount of weight lately and I know she will bring it up. So here I am - the only overweight person in the family.

I am p... at myself that I binged, I felt great until I got the invitation for today. I know I shouldn`t care but knowing people notice how much/what you eat makes me very uncomfortable.

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