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Freelancemomma I like how you framed it in your last post. I've learned through this relapse that my relationship with food is imperfect at best and I can't take anything for granted and I have to work at it every day. And I may fall again and that's ok as long as I don't bear myself up and get back up. The difference this time around is that I am surrounded by a strong community off line (at the gym and at work) who share the love of working out and value healthy eating) as well as this forum online where I can lurk or post as needed. What I am proud of is that I managed to stop this relapse at an extremely manageable point of 5-7 pounds while in the past I would have regained all... I did feel optimistic at the beginning, like nothing would ever change and that I was now 100% in control...ah well life threw me a curveball
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