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Pink Hurricane, Charin, both of you write about similar things: trying to find a way to keep eating clean in a world which presses us to be perfect and also presses us to eat things which only benefit big companies and not us. It's a difficult world!
If each of us could find that which suits our plans, and stick to that, it would be great! To me it is, for now, joining a race and not wanting to arrive last --which is what I fear may happen LOL. I am behaving like a sportsperson, which means mindful eating, water, good rest, exercise. I am not thinking of losing weight, thouth I notice my clothes are looser.
Try to find what works for your life plans, that which will make you want to eat food which is good for you but as part of something bigger. Concentrating only on the scale or the way we look --"I want to lose weight because I am too fat"-- may not work for all of us, or at least not for long enough. Maybe we are using fat as a shield, maybe we are not fat but "disordered" in our eating, maybe we like our bodies the way they are and people pester us and make us think we need to lose weight...
If we are suffering, we need to change our lives, not only what we eat. Eating should become, in my view, part of a bigger picture. How do you see it?
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