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Originally Posted by magical View Post
Not sure whether anyone here watches Supersize vs Superskinny? I have always seen the superskinny girls as having the ideal body shapes when they first appear on the show and they lost that "perfect" shape after being told to put on weight. Who am I kidding? I still do, huh.
They lost their perfect shape? That's just ridiculous! a lot of these people were seriously underweight and gained some weight in order to get to a 'healthier' weight. Although eating the diet of fat person is probably not the best way, the whole show is kinda informing in my opinion. We can, in fact, learn from each other.

Originally Posted by veggiedaze View Post
I'm still doing better than ever with my non dieting. It is becoming effortless now. I am almost having zero urges now. Those brain connections do weaken when you don't act on the binges. Total brain over binge. Back in this thread a ways I declared that I didn't think there was a need to expose myself inentionally to triggers. I disagree with that now. I am literally forcing triggers upon myself every day and ignoring any urge. I can see it's the only way to make triggers not triggers by refusing the brain the reward. I am like pavlovs dogs now and am becoming de-conditioned (if there is such a word) to my previously condtioned brain stimulus. It's the only way. Abstinence and avoidance keeps things as triggers. But of course this is just my opinion and not fact. I am also exercising daily now for simple enjoyment and any bloated puffy feelng I had is gone. Honestly, I know I will never go back to how I was before. I know this now. I've thought this before at times but with a tiny skeptical voice in the back of my mind. It's different now though. That voice is gone.
I hope to get to the point where you are. Still, a lot of time, i just eat my chocoloate/candy because it is there! It is weird. For me, the large quantities of stuff at home triggers a thought of "I am eating a tiny amount f what's there and that#s ok" whereas if i had no candy at home, i wouldn't go out and buy stuff. Anyone got an idea how to curb this? On the other hand, i am having a huge box of mini chocolates under my desk for months now and it's been like 'out of sight, out of mind'. today, i kinda rediscovered it and at one. then another one. then i thought 'why am i doing this. f** you brain, and stopped". i was content with myself because normally, i would eat a lot more of those mini chocolate thingies. i guess this is progress.
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