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Interrupting the bios to say Hi I'm on my third day at the summer job I love, Yay!! Just doing pre-opening prep work. My boss told someone that it was my 13th season there, which is true, and I'm glad he knows how long I've been there too

I'm having a issue with my bike!! it is something that has happened twice before. It happens when I crack hard on the throttle. First time, I revved at someone to let them know I was there, they pulled out in front of me and then we were in slow traffic, so I revved, fell back, revved, fell back to let them know I was pissed BUT immediately, my bike started to hesitate and pop and falter. And it did that the whole way home, at any speed. Sounded like an old school chopper, popping, farting, hesitating. I worried about it for a couple days; made sure I had a tank of fresh gas, DH did check my spark plugs; and then it just stopped occurring and ran smooth again.

Next time was when I accelerated hard to pass someone and the same thing happened immediately afterward. That time, I waited a day, while still riding ti to work and back, experiencing the same (and stalling when trying to start out in 1st, which sucked at intersections) then made an appt with mechanic and on the way riding to mechanic, it smoothed out

Well a couple days ago, I was on the way home (bike has been running perfectly for weeks now) and completely forgot about NOT doing this, and revved hard to have fun getting up a hill at 70 mph and damn its happened again.

It's got to be either fuel or air intake related, right?
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