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Originally Posted by Cajunlady165 View Post
Dh wants to go to the camp for the weekend and do something for my birthday Friday. We usually cook on Sunday afternoons. We will have both our moms over for that.
Hi Cajun,
Hope your birthday brings you everything you want!

Originally Posted by maryea View Post
I didn't lose this week, but at least I didn't gain. I know I get too much sodium when I eat out and we did that a lot last week. Even the salty stuff I eat at home like sunflower seeds don't seem to bother me in limited amounts but boy, when I eat out I really gain fast anymore.
Hi Mary,
I ABSOLUTELY agree. I think that restaurants infuse their meals with salt, sugar, and butter!

Originally Posted by Bobbolink View Post
[SIZE=4]Lynn...we sold our country home, closing date is May 31st. We found an adorable little cottage in [SIZE=4]town, all 4 of my siblings with spouses live in the same town. [SIZE=4]Also our DD and Gkids. It's exac[SIZE=4]tl[SIZE=4]y what we want.
[SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4][SIZE=4] [SIZE=4]I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, it's so hard when it's your flesh and bloo[SIZE=4]d[SIZE=4]. Health issues are so worrisome but you are back on the right track. Jump in with both feet and do what you did before the sadness hit... Start training for a marathon,DO NOT BUY JUNK FOOD.
[SIZE=4] When your friends ask you out for a meal, explain that you have to take care of yours[SIZE=4]elf and w[SIZE=4]ould they pl[SIZE=4]ease help you make good food choices. NO BOOZE. Put yourself 1st. I know you can do it, you just have to get your mind set. Good Luck
Hi Bobbi,
I swear I thought I already responded to this. However, seeing is believing & I do not see a response, so –
CONGRATULATIONS on your new home! Thank you for the good advice.

Originally Posted by Cajunlady165 View Post
Lynn the drum circle is nothing I've ever heard of but very interesting. Is it something like the native Indians would do with their drums? Fresh shrimp is always better than the frozen kind. Living near the gulf we always have fresh seafood.
Hi Cajun,
I suspect that it does come from the Native Americans, but I am not really familiar with the history. Here, it seems like just a good excuse for music and dance.
Originally Posted by Karen3 View Post
Howdy all...just back from the doctor and my knees are wonderful and painfree.....aaaaa, might be the novacaine that goes in with the shots.... But I'll take even this even if just for now.
Lynn...have seen drum circles on tv. Have you had Grouper? Almond Grouper is food porn!
Hi Karen3,
So glad to hear that your knees are painfree!
I have had Grouper, shrimp, lobster, and tuna. Have not found any almond grouper, but will try it if I see it.
Originally Posted by maryea View Post
Well, my weight has dropped back down at least. .
Hi Mary,

Originally Posted by akrosey49 View Post
ive been struggling with my eating today. ate all the wrong things and to much junk so im not even going to post my foods,to embarassed ( pizza,chips, chcolate and ice cream to name a few) even tho im careful i stay the same weight. my dr says my body's happy were im at,but im not. tomorrow is a new start. have a good nite rosey
Hi Rosey,
This is exactly what I was doing – staying the same weight, but NOT eating healthy foods. I think I have actually done better down here. Hopefully this will carry over when I get home.

Originally Posted by jess1 View Post
I thought yesterday was Friday, so I had a rude awakening today! I need to get ready to roll...
Hi Donna,
I do this all the time. Ever since I retired, I never know what day it is.

Originally Posted by maryea View Post
Today at the gym we went to my old senior circuit training class. I had only been there once since dh broke his hip and if you do it aggressively as I do, it is a good you get stretching, aerobics and light weights. What I normally do has made me stronger than I was before but I still worked up a sweat and was breathing kinda heavy toward the end. Dh had a hard time keeping up (and he is still pretty strong), and I know he needs the stretch and the different type of movement. He never used to like the class but he agreed today he needs it and we will probably do it once a week. With this class and tai chi plus three days of walking and weight machines it should be really good for him. I feel the need for the stretching so I'll get some of that but I'd really like to go to the early 8:30 stretch class too because it's floor work, but it's hard for me to get up in time.
Hi Mary,
When I get back home (next week), I need to get back to the gym & change my routine. Doing the same exercise regimen all the time doesn’t really work to lose weight. I have gotten into a rut & need to join one or two of the classes.

Hi Everyone,

Today was the first morning I actually got into the Gulf to swim. The water was just so clear, and calm, and warm, I could not resist.

Looks like we will leave for home on Monday. Although I like the mornings here, I will be glad to escape the heat and humidity of the afternoons.


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