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Morning all,
Sorry to have been away so long but have had a few things happening here.
My friend Chris wanted some help with learning excel (.xls) and I have been giving her a few lessons. She's very basic on it. Next we start on formulas and stuff and then maybe charts or pivot tables, but she is not a fast learner. When it gets in the head it stays there but getting it in is not an easy matter. She had a job interview on Friday which will need excel. I told her a few things to say which do not include embellishing the truth and she seems to have gotten through it reasonably well. Whether it is well enough to go for a second round interview I don't know. She has sent off further resumes to other places. Looks like the local job market is picking up a bit round here.
Then I had a text from a friend I worked with in Indonesia and who is a bit like another son to me. His eldest son was killed in a freak motor cycle accident last weekend. G is a big mess - as you would be if it was one of yours. The funeral is on Monday about 3 hours out of Melbourne. I would have gone but that's the date I have the teeth extracted so can't make it. I have been talking to him via text messages, phone calls and facebook trying to help him through the darkest days of his life. He adored those kids.
Add to that, I have been to the bone scan, ears, eyes, picked up the new contacts - did you know they now have bi-focal contact lenses?!!!! I thought I was doing good with the monocular ones - one for long distance and one for reading and close work. Anyway I may have to look into the bi-focals next time round since we can't change the monocular ones much more and still have good long distance. Then there was the pap smear test which I told you about and the skin one - where a skin tag growth got frozen off, not because it was cancerous but because it was in a place right below my bra band and everytime I went to put a bra on, it made the tag bleed, which made it grow some more and bleed more. So it is now a hard scab and will fall off one day soon. Yeehaa
The biggie is Monday when I get the teeth removed and the implant screw piece put in. That will be painful I suspect but when given the choice, I'd rather have all the pain over and done with in one day and let healing begin than have the pain from the extraction heal and then the pain from the insertion again. That's me - a glutton for punishment. And of course on Friday, I have the biopsy. That is the end thank the lord and praise the heavens.
The kitchen sparkles - I have scrubbed, cleaned, organised, reorganised and thrown out stuff like it never existed. Lightening the load for others to clean out after I shuffle off this mortal coil - not that I am planning to go anytime soon you understand and I still have room to put clutter into later if I wish.
Add to all the above woes and work, I also have my niece who is wanting to get into her own place carrying on on my shoulder as well. If she would just get rid of the parasitic b/f I would try to help her out, however since he doesn't seem to want to work any harder or try to get a permanent job or sell his boat to house his partner and daughters I am not going to make things any easier for him. Surprisingly enough, I spoke to the DB2 yesterday and he has similar feelings. He and his ex have saved up enough money to buy the niece out of her share of their house but they won't give it to her until he stumps up with an equivalent amount of dosh.
Enough of the family problems. I am going over to NZ at the end of June to my sisters 60th. I will also take enough time to be there for Chris (ex-Japan) 65th birthday on the 21st, and the time in between will be for looking up the family tree and picking up my great, great grandfathers naturalisation certificate copy. Then I can get on with a bit more of the family archives and probably write them onto the canvas frame I bought for the purpose.

Mel - troubles with the seniors again????? Too much news for them. Maybe the building will have to limit the channels they are able to see! To much bad stuff and they might rebel and mutineer or do something completely stupid.

Happy - nice to know that I am not the only one planting for the season. I've put in some French Beans, potatoes, the tomatoes were already there and some lettuce. next comes the corn, some rocket (arugula). I'm not sure about the peppers this time. I have birds eye chili growing wild but the capsicum didn't do too well last time and the bugs got more than I did so maybe something else. Sounds like the wildlife know where there are easy pickings.

Laura - Our exercise queen. Although I have been doing some power walking (like every morning before the sun gets up) since I have been home, there hasn't been a lot of other type of exercise. It's all too much effort trying to fit classes in right now. Too much else going on. I'm sort of hoping to get back into it shortly.

Ceejay - happy travels. Enjoy the break. Watch out for the brown road signs and once in a while just follow one. That's what I do when I am travelling and I have seen some marvellous sights that I would never have done when travelling the freeways and highways.

Annie - poor little man. So sad to hear of his operation but as long as it helps to get over those ear infections, it has to be a good thing. Nice to know that you won't have to do any further maintenance on C's house. Might give you an extra few precious moments in the weekends. My house is so small that you would go through it like a dose of salts in a matter of minutes - so when you come over I'll have to think of other things for you to do - maybe following those brown signs like I just told Ceejay

Michelle - back on home soil at last. Hope the job is living up to expectations. Santa will be loving his doggy day care.

Okay, well today is dining room day. I only have a couple of cupboards to do. Then take out that danged heavy mat which I hate and clean the floor and then figure out what to do with all these magazines I seem to have collected. Maybe take some of them to the doctor next Friday since the surgery had some pretty awful selections to read last time I was there. Some will get chucked and I'll see if any friends want the others. I only buy two magazines a month, Super Food Ideas and Better Homes and Gardens. Got sick of the crap printed by the 'womens' magazines. I don't actually care who in Hollywood is having it off with whom or whether the Royal Family has had another argument, or whether Michelle Obama looks better with or with the bangs. Not interested.

So I had better get going and get on with the day. Tomorrow is Mother's Day or Mothering Sunday if you are British and the kids (DS2 and G/F) are coming over to give me a couple of hours to do some heavy work in the garden - hedges, weeding etc. We will have breakfast together - probably a bbq - so I had better go get some vittles' in and feed the pair of them.

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