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We just got home from the gym and a quick trip to Home Depot. Our pipes are old and the original install was a really crappy one. They actually used masking tape to hold it together! Plus after dh got the garbage disposal installed and turned on the water, a pipe broke so he is replacing it today. The house is almost 50 years old so guess it is to be expected.

Today at the gym we went to my old senior circuit training class. I had only been there once since dh broke his hip and if you do it aggressively as I do, it is a good you get stretching, aerobics and light weights. What I normally do has made me stronger than I was before but I still worked up a sweat and was breathing kinda heavy toward the end. Dh had a hard time keeping up (and he is still pretty strong), and I know he needs the stretch and the different type of movement. He never used to like the class but he agreed today he needs it and we will probably do it once a week. With this class and tai chi plus three days of walking and weight machines it should be really good for him. I feel the need for the stretching so I'll get some of that but I'd really like to go to the early 8:30 stretch class too because it's floor work, but it's hard for me to get up in time.

Karen31/Donna - Yes the powder mentioned in the recipe is whey protein although you could probably use soy if you preferred. Not sure the difference in calories/carbs though. You use almond milk to keep it a high protein drink with little carbs. This makes it what they call a protein pull and helps you lose fat. They recommend if you are using it as part of a meal which contains another protein, only make 1/2 serv. The authors use Swanson Premium Whey Protein which you can buy at the swanson vitamin site, but so far I have used some I buy locally. Mine contains 20 g protein in one scoop and is unsweetened. It actually tastes pretty good...the kind I've used in the past didn't taste nearly so good! I have an order out for some Swanson products though and hopefully will get the protein powder. They said some things may not be shipped to my area and it was one, so will see. I don't have a fancy blender like Blendtec (don't think the authors do either), but it still works fine. If I use more ice, I stop and stir it a bit and then start again. The author recommends 22 ice cubes if you have an icemaker but I like to use a little less. I like it better and it blends better too.

Cajun - You are doing so well but still I agree with Karen31, enjoy at least a small slice of your birthday cake. Happy birthday!! I hope you have a great day!
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