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Morning all. TGIF!!!

Ceejay - Enjoy your time away.

Annie - Sorry to hear about your dad's COPD, but I hope the meds help him breathe easier. Taco Bell and DQ - LOL. And for some reason that sounds good to me even though I never eat from either except a dq soft serve cone every once in a while. Way back, I ate the tacos a couple times and they gave me heartburn, so no more of that but I recall liking those chicken border bowls. Don't think they have those anymore... Anyway, yay for getting your Sundays back, and I hope the tenant-landlord (and boss-employee) relationship works out well. Now we just have to have some good planting weather!!! The kabobs sound yummy!!!

Mel - Sorry you've got a bunch of anxious seniors on your hands. I agree, they're watching too much of the news channels! My mother's been retired a while now, but it seems the last 10 years or so she's really taken to watching a lot of the Sunday morning news shows. I barely catch the local tv news once every couple weeks, so she's out of luck having a convo w/ me about that stuff - a lot is political, of course. Bleh. Hopefully my sis can, LOL. Yeh, Tighter Assets is a funny name. Every time the new park district catalog comes out I wonder if they's changed the names of any of the classes...

Happy - Much as I like nature, that radio collar volunteer gig doesn't appeal to me either! Hope your critters are getting along alright in this weather (is the snow gone yet??). With you and dh, I'm sure they'll be fine. When it rains, bf will pick me up if he's around. Yesterday it was not quite sprinkling, so I rode home. As for dog walks, bf is more likely to skip them when it's raining. I'll try to get out, but the last time we went out in real rain, both doggy and I got thoroughly wet and I questioned my sanity. I don't have a real rain slicker or rubber boots, just a lightweight windbreaker that repels rain or other jackets that have hoods but have varying degrees of water resistence. Too awkward bringing an umbrella - dog, leash, picking up - just doesn't work. Wow, you really loaded up on the veg and herb plants!! I'm interested in how the green beans and squash will turn out. I'm on the fence re the peppers - they do alright for us, but we don't use much of our yield. It's a waste, really. Boo on dh for wanting to nix the flowers!! Plenty of solutions to save the deck. The deck rail planters will be very pretty.
Went to a circuit class last night. Bf had a friend over to watch the dvd "Jack Reacher". He made popcorn, and did a batch for me which was my dinner. I'd liked to have seen that movie, but they got a late start, and if they'd started watching earlier, I was in my class and then showering afterwards - the timing just didn't work.

Bf's mom is coming over Sunday for a dinner we'll make her. Otherwise no plans except cleaning and errands. I really need a protective case for my new phone - I'm being very careful and hoping I don't drop it!! Have to get online to see what's available.

If I don't get back here all weekend, everyone have a great weekend.
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