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Donna, thanks for finding the frappa recipe. I never thought to look online. Today I made the strawberry and it's ok too. We will be leaving for the gym soon so don't have time for personals but here's yesterday's meals.

Breakfast 1619 calories
Fat Stripin' Frappa (had to edit as I'm making it with the glucomannan now)

1/2 Combo Pizza slice
Gummi Calcium Chews sample
Fiber Gummi sample

Afternoon Snack
few peanuts
Jolly Rancher - 2

Tilapia fried in butter
leftover potatoes (white and sweet) abt 1/2 cup sauteed in butter. they had orignally had a bit of olive oil drizzled over too.
frappa - 1/2 serv

Evening Snack
Sunflower Seeds
8 pcs chocolate!

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