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Morning everyone,

Went out in the cold rain yesterday but I got my garden plants. Came home and set them outside to get a drink of water and of course it stopped raining! I put them in the garage overnight as it's still dipping below freezing at night. Will get DH to put up the green house today so we can keep them in there and hope the bear does not decide to check out the place. I think he's more of a fruit and nut/seed/corn eater than a plant guy. The deer for sure would chew the plants to the nub if I left them out but they will leave the greenhouse alone.

I got cucumbers, several varieties of tomatoes as well as the minis - cherry/grape tomatoes, sugar snap peas, some nice lettuces, garlic chives - my other chives from last year are already sprouting nicely in the garden bed. I am ditching the bell and hot peppers this year because I have never been able to successfully grow the bells to a decent size and as for the hot peppers - the hotter the weather, the hotter the pepper and it just doesn't get hot enough here for that. My jalapenos last year tasted like green bell peppers - no snap. In there place I am trying some new stuff - blue lake green beans, 1 yellow squash plant that I hope will not take over the bed, 1 set of baby carrots. I guess I will have to do the radishes by seed, no plants for them at the store. I also got some herbs - dill, parsley, cilantro/coriander, lemon balm and mint. Those will go in pots on the deck. I'm going to be better about drying my herbs this year, I wasted a lot last year. I skipped the oregano, thyme, sage, tarragon - just don't do enough to make it worthwhile. I do hope to score some watermelon sage again - it blooms a lovely pink trumpet like flower that the hummingbirds love. I also got 2 long planter pots that set over the deck railings for my flowers. Had to get creative this year with flowers, DH wanted to nix them all but I said no. He doesn't want the pots sitting on the deck because water accumulates and rots the deck wood. That's understandable so I will reduce my flower pots but still have enough to draw the hummingbirds and butterflies I enjoy so much. Was hard not to go crazy in the nursery but I had laid out a garden plan and knew I only had so much space. Will still have to wait about 2 more weeks until I plant the garden outside - the days are warming up but the nights still will be a bit cool for a while. I will probably go out in a bit and help DH with the greenhouse and start to work on cleaning and loosening the beds.

Mel - funny you should say that about the news. I tell my Mom the same thing - she reads the paper every day and admits it's full of just about nothing but advertisements and bad news. Then she turns on the TV. I'm glad I can "filter" my news through the internet. Seems to me even our police blotter page in the local paper is getting bigger each week with people up to mischief. I did not realize that you'd make the jump to a Green Acres life if you could. I always took you for a city slicker Country life IS better. I watch The Apprentice on tv set in New York City and all I can think of it ALL THAT CONCRETE! I think I take for granted - well really I don't take for granted at all - the fresh air and greenery. About the only thing I really miss is a wider food selection at the grocery store!

Ceejay - sending you good vibes for your roadtrip. Have fun and let us know what you did. Hopefully you get to see some fun shows in Branson.

Annie - glad you are done with C's house and can get some precious time back to yourself again. We are about a month behind in everything due to the late snows - lakes are still frozen in spots so fishing is down, hummingbirds are late arriving, and it's still too early to plant although I think it might be ok for cold stuff like beans and radishes. I will have to check - probably the same for you - maybe not so much cold as much as soggy boggy weather. So how did you do the kabobs? I can never get them to come out right. Either the veggies are underdone or the meat is over cooked. I bet they smelled fantastic on the grill. DH made pork chops the other night and I was mesmerized by the smell. Did you a marinade or baste sauce?

Laura - did you get a lot of rain yesterday?

Hello to Shad and Michelle who seem to have run off and hidden together.

I should get my keester outside before DH starts another project and gets busy. Have a good weekend ladies.
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