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I'm still doing better than ever with my non dieting. It is becoming effortless now. I am almost having zero urges now. Those brain connections do weaken when you don't act on the binges. Total brain over binge. Back in this thread a ways I declared that I didn't think there was a need to expose myself inentionally to triggers. I disagree with that now. I am literally forcing triggers upon myself every day and ignoring any urge. I can see it's the only way to make triggers not triggers by refusing the brain the reward. I am like pavlovs dogs now and am becoming de-conditioned (if there is such a word) to my previously condtioned brain stimulus. It's the only way. Abstinence and avoidance keeps things as triggers. But of course this is just my opinion and not fact. I am also exercising daily now for simple enjoyment and any bloated puffy feelng I had is gone. Honestly, I know I will never go back to how I was before. I know this now. I've thought this before at times but with a tiny skeptical voice in the back of my mind. It's different now though. That voice is gone.

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