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Well, you can't spot train in order to lose weight or inches from a specific area, but you can "spot train" in order to tone muscle in a given area. I do weights and cardio. As for my workouts/weights, I do a full body workout except arms and shoulders every other day (Sat/Mon/Wed), and then on the alternate days (Sun/Tue/Thrs) I do arms and shoulders. My arms/shoulders are definitely my weakness, so I give them extra attention. Fridays are my rest day (well, actually, Fridays are the day I clean my house when I get home from work...but it's a rest from weights!).

In the past 8 weeks, I've lost weight all over, including 1 inch from my upper arms...although I'm the same as Lolo. I have reasonably well-defined muscle on the top (biceps) but not so good on the bottom (triceps), but I hope that will improve in time. My arms still have a way to go, but they're better than where they started 2 months ago.

I don't do a specific DVD nor do I go to a gym. I just do my own home workout with 5 lbs dumbbells and some resistance bands while playing my favorite music.
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