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Burgundy- i hope your mom is getting better. And congrats on another pound down!!!!

Lindy- dont worry about those scales. My trainer told me that if you weigh first thing in the morning (which i do every morning) that it will always be lower than b4 u work out etc. I always weigh about 2.5-3 pounds heavier from 7am (my.weigh in) to 11 am(his weigh in for me) and then towards the end of the day i will weigh another 1 pd heavier (unless i have worked my butt off then im less) so i wouldnt worry too much. And i even went thru like a 3 week pleateau and i went on an eating binge (cookie dough) and i was pmsing and once.that horrible week was over..... Big whoosh!!!!!! Then a .4 gain this week!!! It happens!

Dance- wish i could help with the man situation.... But ive never been there so i wont even try! But kudos on the working out and your losses!!

Well so far i have had some awesome workouts and made some new.friends so that was good. I was down to 168.0 tonight. Now to just keep it that low!!! And well today....i go into a patients house....he has fallen trying tobget out of bed. He is like 400 plus pounds and there is no way i can physically help.him up. He is also naked as a jay bird. I brought his wheelchair over to see if he could help himself up. He couldnt. He was cussing me a blue streak and i ended up having to call 911 for help. Well.... They answer....911 what is ur emergency....can you hold please? What?????? R u serious??? They finally cane back on the line and got help out there. But holy cow.....what a start to the day!!!!! And thank God i did not see his junk!!!!!! Lol that is the short version! Our new boss seems ok right now. And he doesnt seem to.mind me using my lunch to work out so thats nice! Hipefully he wont change we shall see!!! Well i have a super busy weekend.....friday my sis graduates from college. Saturday i was suppose to spend with my mom but she has other stuff to do so im going out with my mother in law. Then sunday we are going to my mother in laws. So i hope to be on here more but may not be until next wekk! Hope yall all have a great mothers day if i dont get back on here!!!
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