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Default I'm next.

2times2much 'cause that's what I weighed! Real name Colleen. Forty-somethin'. From SW Wisconsin. Married (2nd time), 2 kids--all grown up and married too. Daughter and son. 1 grandson, and grandbaby on the way next month.

I lost 85 pounds, went on vacation, gained. Went on vacation again...gained some more! Now 250, trying to find my way back to my "plan" of losing 10 pounds a month. I was doing remarkably well, and then...??? I have no idea. Exercise is not my friend. It should be, I know, but I really hate it! Given the choice to have no supper or walk 3 miles...I would go with no food! Heck, I'd choose no food against 1 mile!

My cycle is a 2011 HD Heritage Softtail. (same V&H pipes as Holly has--I love them!) I have had my DH bike left overs several times, nothing for a year as his Ultra Classic is not easy for me to maneuver. This year I got my own again. I took it to work yesterday--first time out on my own with this bike. I did okay. 17 miles each way, mostly highway. I changed my avatar so you can see me and the cycle both.

I've switched jobs this past month. Still not sure I was made for this position. Medical Supply Company with insurance nightmares! I've spent the last 10 years selling insurance, not this end of it!

We like to camp, ride cycle, take vacations. We have taken several cycle vacations. Went to Tenn., Arkansas, way North Minnesota, way North Michigan... Some on our own, some with friends. We would like to go down to Anamosa, Ia again and visit the motorcycle museum and go to J&P's store.

Holly--love the video!

80 degrees here today. Back to lows in the 30's again this week though. Crazy weather!


to get back to where I was when I gave up... then it's a new goal... 10 pounds a month.
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