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I do wonder though if I did restrict if I could override it knowing what I know
As someone who read BoB, and did exactly this, and then began fiercely bingeing again three months later for a nine month period, it's not advisable.

I know you said you would never try it and were just curious, but for anyone else out there thinking it, it will not work, because I tried it and crashed and burned. The body is smart; smarter and more powerful than the conscious mind.

Follow your hunger and obey and the rest will fall into place. The body is the master, not you. You don't get decide if yesterday it wanted 2,000 calories and today it wants 3,000.

I fully agree with Kathryn (author of BoB) that in order for her plan to work, you cannot be on any kind of diet and restriction plan because the urges to binge you will be receiving will be survival urges and those cannot and should not be ignored in favor of looking good in a bikini.

Besides, when you eat what your body truly needs, diet media and carb fear mongering be damned, your mind heals, and your weight and body and all the b.s. suddenly doesn't bother you so much. You feel human again.

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