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I will always have the bingeing brain connection brought on by starvation in my early twenties, but I am thinking by not acting on it, it will weaken alot.

You're right. Your brain will always be especially primed to respond to restriction (by sending binge urges) and far faster than someone who has never restricted before.

It reminds me of the people who chronically diet and binge and report that with each diet episode, the period of being able to restrict and successfully stay on plan gets shorter and shorter; the hunger, bigger and more persistent each time.

It happened to me as well. When I first began undereating it was very easy and exciting because it was my first time and it took about eight months before my body completely took over and the bingeing became very frequent and unstoppable. Well, after regaining a decent amount of weight I would try again to lose it by going back to the same undereating patterns, but for some reason I couldn't do it. All of my old "rules" were failing me, and I couldn't understand why, but looking back it makes perfect sense. I had primed my body and brain the first time around to deal with the starvation and so when I tried to do it again, it picked up on what I was doing real quick and shut it down.

In other words, my body made me give up, and I lost. That's why I say to people in the case of them vs. their bodies, that they will ALWAYS lose, and if they don't lose, they die. If my body had never revolted against my weight loss, I would have ended up in the hospital with a feeding tube eventually. Losing 25+ lbs starting from 125lbs, wasting muscle in the process was killing me, but I couldn't see it because my poor brain was starved and in denial as well.

Anyway, I don't think, even with the brain having had those past connections in place, that one is doomed to binge forever or even has to be on the watch for a binge. You can completely relax around food. The only thing you have to make sure you do is never restrict again (if that's what caused the binges for you in the first place), and try to think of it as not bingeing, so much as your body trying to restore the energy balance within. If you feel the need to inhale 5,000 calories in a sitting, you are doing something wrong in your every day eating patterns that needs to be fixed.

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