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Originally Posted by Xena2013 View Post
I did read BoB and Jack Trimpey, but even though I was impressed they did get my black and white thinking started. I felt like quitting has to be easy and "a piece of cake". I felt like a complete failure all the time so I guess it wasnŽt fo rme. But I do believe these are great books and can help other people, just not me.

I think IŽll look int Geneen Roth.
Fair enough. Nothing is for everyone. I felt at first too that it seemed black and white. Somehow the idea of giving up bingeing seemed surpisingly threatening. Almost like when it was suggested I could quit forever I felt protective of it. But for me I eventually saw that was the addiction talking, making me feel I would long for it in the same way I felt at the prospect of quitting smoking as a teen. But, I will still enjoy food. I will have 5 pieces of cake or a whole cake if I really want for pleasure; but it won't be a binge.

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