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Also, about calories: I think if someone wants to count calories and it doesn't result in obsession and decreased happiness in life, then all the power to them. One of the reasons I am finding it so easy not to count now is because I just don't want to know. If part of me wanted to know, I would probably have a hard time not going there in my mind, at leaAst estimating. But I am not even estimating. I don't want that as part of my life anymore. For me it was only negative and took away from my happiness an enjoyment in life. And, I don't want to lose weight. In fact, I believe I have lost a little weight over the last week or so. My clothes are getting slightly looser. I am out doing things having fun, not thinking about food or hiding at home afraid of encountering a trigger. I can't see that I would have stoppd thinking about food if I were still counting calories.
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