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evening all, another nice day. we got up early and went to wallmart so i could be assured of having a ridey cart that was fully charged. if you use the carts never go after lunch or later. after we checked out we saw this kid tall and gangly probably late teens standing and gobbling a free cookie and starring at it like it was phycadelic. he then was out of the store looking for ciggarette butts on the side walk and found one and danced a weird little jig,and lighted it up and then sat down and smoked it. he was obviously on something or mentally ill and it made the saddness come out of me to see a young person like that. and im sure he is one of so many LOST kids, dont know his story but i wondered where his family was and even tho i wanted to do something in this world you have to be cautious. sure buggered my day tho.


locarb tortilla with lettuce tomatoe and turkey,sm amt of mayo
iced tea

coffee mocha

shrimp with cocktail sauce
1/2 c brocollii cheese rice

sf fudge pop

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