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Dance-it does sound a little strange that your guy doesnt want to even tell you mutual friend. I can understand with family for now.

Lindy-there is no way you are 194. Scales are all different so just go with yours. Youre clothes were probably heavy, lol. Im still going on the crunches. 60 seemed like a lot today, I cant imagine what day 30 will be like.

My mom is in the hospital in Alabama. She told me not to come right now but its so hard being here. She thought she was having a heart attack but wasnt, thank goodness. Her ekg and blood pressure were good. They are going to do a dye stress test tomorrow. If that comes back good she can go home, if not they will do a heart cath. Dr said it could be angina. We have a trip planned to go down in a little over 3 weeks. I called her twice today and texted my sister all day. Gonna skype with my sister in new zealand at 11. Keep my family in your prayers.

On a happy note, I was down another lb this morning. Thats 11 lbs since February 18th(or 21st, I cant remember) I went to a birthday party on saturday. Did good eating and walked 5 miles that evening. Walked 2 miles on sunday and a mile yesterday along with wii fit plus. I did my crunches today and thats all Ive done. Might hop on the wii before my sis calls to burn a few calories, might relieve some stress from the day.

Hope everyone is well. Ill try to check in tomorrow.

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