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Dagmar, your house has a theme song! It looks rather like a prewar bungalow, with that deep porch overhang. This is fantastic, when a woman buys her own home. I never felt so powerful as when I signed those papers with no one's name on the deed but my own. Hang in there through all the last-minute paperwork that comes up between now & the closing. I felt very lucky I'd worked in law firms years ago & knew all the stupid little things that can delay a closing, because mine was delayed beyond the target date, though at least it closed in the same month as planned.

Allison, congratulations to your son. I think I'm not clear on the amount & gender of your offspring. Is this the youngest one & the last one not in college? If so, that may make the awards ceremony that much sweeter.

I just came home from the grocery store, wrestling a pork loin of enormous dimensions encased in Cryovac, over which I'm refraining (with great difficulty) making really dirty jokes. I'll cut it up for a couple roasts and chunks for stew. It looks like a pre-evolution ancestor of something.
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