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Default feet and knees

Originally Posted by Garnet2727 View Post

Here's what works for me:
  1. I have an recumbant exercise bike at home. When I first got it, I was worried about the repetitive motions on my knees and ankles but I need not have worried. I just started out slow and easy. The first time on got on the thing, I only lasted five minutes. Now, I rountinely do half an hour.
  2. Swimming is the best thing for me because it takes all the weight off my joints and offers resistance. I'm struggling a bit with that right now as the pool I was going to has closed. But as soon as I can find another place to go, I'll be back in the water. Again, I'm careful and I take it pretty easy. I've been pleasantly surprise at how much swimming has helped ease my pain.
  3. Walking. I know that this is counter-intuitive but walking is another form of exercise I enjoy. When I started, I could barely walk down to the end of my driveway and back. I actually got to the point that I could walk a mile. After my ankle injury, I had to stop walking for a while. Now, I'm back up to walking half a mile. Again, I take it easy and if I start feeling bone pain, I cut short my walks.

I've had to learn the hard way where the balance is between regular exercise pain and "I'm damaging myself" pain. If it's mild muscular pain, I'll push it a bit. If it's grinding bone pain or bone aches, I cut short whatever I'm doing and rest. If I'm just a little tired, I'll push through. If I'm really fatigued and have that heavy limb feeling, I stop and rest.

I've been amazed at how far I've come since I started my weight loss efforts in January of 2012. Even though I had a set back with that ankle injury, I'm so much more physically capable now. I can do routine things like dishes and hauling in bags of groceries and shopping and walking through airports. When I started, all of those things were very painful challenges.

The best advice I can give is treat yourself gently, whatever you choose to try.
I find the only thing that works for my legs now is the recumbent bike and I get bored so I basically do it for 10 minutes at the gym then I go do my strength training. I also do water aerobics but it's starting to hurt my knees all the thrashing around.

I use to be able to walk about a mile and a half at the local track but now my feet and knees hurt to much I can't
It's compounded witht the fact that I work part time standing on my feet for 5 hours. By the time I get home I can barely make it from my car to my house.

Keep this in mind. I was able to get a handicapped parking permit from my orthopedic doctor. This is how I approached it.
I went in there with a list of what I CAN'T DO like walking up the steps normal and even going to the bathroom without holding onto something. My employee parking was bit of a distance from my job and when I get off work It's become impossible to walk to I'm in such AGONY I don't even go to the store after work unless it's something major. Anyway I went in there with the Motor Vehicle form already printed out all he had to do was sign it and he did. It's been a true life saver. He had given me temporary ones before and they only last 6 months. My sister who also has knee problems and goes to the same doctor said she asked for one and he gave it to her and I said hmmm my knees are just as bad if not worse then hers let me see If he'll give it to me and he did.
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