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Hi Golden Girls-

I’ve been gone awile but I’ve been thinking about all of you. I’ve been busy with my mother’s recoup after her mastectomy. She’s doing very well but I am so exhausted. I have had a sinus headache for a week - I think it’s allergies cuz no mucus - TMI! When I did have a chance to relax, I just lounged on my bed and watch “Upstairs, Downstairs” (Downton Abbey borrowed a lot of their material from them!) I’m now addicted to “Wire in the Blood.” It seems I have so much thinking/organizing/planning for people in my life. I feel like I’m recovering from…my life.

Karen FL- thanks for my new guilty pleasure! I saw a couple of Doc Martins and laughed out loud at the first one. But then I got hooked on Wire in the Blood. I also watch a lot of Criminal Minds so I get myself really creeped out sometimes. But I can get totally lost in those shows. Takes my mind off things. I’m very familiar with the shots you get in your knee. Probably what I got in my shoulder. Before my last shoulder surgery I had to get 2. Some hurt more than others. They put the Novocain in the front of the shot - right?
It’s worth it. Hope this one is an easy one for you. One of my docs told me I could take something (ibuprofen?) a half hour before. That one did seem better than some of the ones I got in the future.

Gayle - so sorry about your wrist. I haven’t read far enough to find out if you hurt it or if it’s something that developed, like carpel tunnel syndrome. Sounds horrible. I hope you get it figured out and fixed quickly. Ah, read a little more, sounds like it was already sore then you hurt it this weekend. I know you’re a nurse and work in a hospital but I can’t help myself - Have you tried ice packs and anti inflammatory?

Donna - sorry about your illness. Some things drag on drain your energy.

Lynn - Understandable to get depressed when you don’t know where you going to live and your child has health problems. Then everyone with the flu - Hope you’re feeling better. And good for you keeping your weight on track. It’s hard to do when you’re not feeling well. Don’t want to eat crunchy salads with vinegary dressing then,

I’m in the same position as you with the quilting. I love buying the fabric. And I’ve even done some cutting out. I just can’t get myself to go to the sewing machine and stitch things together. My husband has a big, rectangular, felt wall hanging, with his university’s name on it by the pool table in our basement. My son asked me to make one for him. Was working on it until DM's third chemo that put her in the hospital and then the mastectomy. I have to get netflix in the basement. Then I might be more motivated to work on it.

Rosey - Yay for the sun! Enjoy. Tell Lynn and me to get busy on our projects!

I have to go. Hope to be back later! In the meantime, hugs to all!

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