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Originally Posted by BlueToBlue View Post
One thing that the article doesn't mention that I've thought would make a big difference in calories burned is body fat percentage. Since muscle burns more calories than fat, if two people were working out at the same intensity, both weighed the same, and achieved the same heart rate but one had a lower percentage of body fat than the other, wouldn't the one with the lower body fat percentage be burning more calories? Or does that rule only apply to your resting metabolism? I've never seen any machine or calculator that takes into account body fat percentage when computing the number of calories burned for an exercise. Is it because it doesn't matter, body fat percentages are too inaccurate, or most people don't know their body fat percentage?

Very good point. Even the doctor's office will not account for lean muscle mass in a BMI test. Weight and height is all they go by. I have friend that is 5'3" that weights 142 pounds which gives her a bad BMI. However she looks like she weighs around 120 pounds and she is in excellent shape. She works out all of the time--and continually complains about this flaw in the BMI.

So if the doctor's office does not account for lean muscle mass, how could any machine?
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