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Sun - lol @ Hi Janes I guess I call them 4th Grade Teacher Arms..and I got em! ugh.

When you joined, I thought of us all doing a quick refresher bio

Vermontmom- real name Holly, road name Cupcake, age 52.

Learned to ride my own in 2002.

First bike was a new Honda Shadow VLX 500cc, put about 52,000 miles on it in a few years, then in 2006 a cager left-turned into me. I was fine, just bruised, but it effectively totaled the bike. With the bike coverage, and the settlement from the cager's insurance, I bought a new 2007 Honda VTX1300cc. Put about 40,000 miles on that, and then my dear husband wrecked on it in late 2010 (it was scary, he got a fractured skull but is OK now ) Hardly got any insurance money for that, but bought a very nice, hardly used 2004 VTX in Massachusettes in spring of 2011. And that is my current bike.

this was my first ride on it! I now have a windshield, have to have a shield.

Husband rides a Kaw Vulcan 1500. I don't have anything against Harleys, just the metrics were priced right and are fine. I rode a Heritage Classic when in AZ and it was great!

I'm married, we have 2 sons, older one (30) came back home to live (but might move soon-ish) and younger one (almost 23) is currently in MI but moving back to Vermont in June with girlfriend. I have 2 seasonal jobs; winter/spring one I hate but it just ended, yay; summer one starts this week (I'm a pastry baker for a private fly fishing club hidden deep in the woods) and I commute 50 miles a day on the bike in beautiful Vermont countryside.

weight story - highest was 176 (except when preggers) and I can maintain around 155 easily, but WANT to get down to low 140's. I don't mind working out, have done so consistently for 10 years now; but i love to eat and hate to be hungry so I suck at diets!! or even trying to do better I feel deprived. Size wise, I have jeans in size 10, 9/11, and one 8. Crazy in sizing!

We have gone to a few bigger bike rallies (Harley Rendezvous in NY; of course Laconia in NH; EasyRiders @ Chillicothe, OH) I don't mind wearing little at the rallies you know how it is when the booze is flowing. We have ridden to those, my longest day was over 500 miles.

who's next
Holly - but my road name is Cupcake

My program - Watching portions and trying to avoid empty carbs; at-home workouts
My motorcycle - '04 Honda VTX 1300C. Candy Apple Red!

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