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S/C/G: 350/180/180 (surgery recovery)

Height: 5'9"


When I was living in Los Angeles, I got the opportunity to meet Jillian. She was training some of the contestants (not on camera) at the gym I worked out at briefly. Yes she was yelling at them, but it was NOTHING like what is on the show. It was stuff like "Why are you taking weight off (the machine)? You can do that much!" when they would argue with her, she would just be like, "I know what you can do and you need to trust me and just do it!" Yelling? Yes. Mean? Not at all.

She actually had them spot each other while she stopped to talk to me real quick.

Oh how I wish she could see me now! When she met me, I had just lost about 40 pounds, but put it all back on, plus more:

Start (summer 2008): 290,
Met Jillian (January 2009): 250,
Highest weight (Oct 2009-Dec 2011): 350
Current (May 2013): 177!

I should e-mail her... I wonder if she remembers me????
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