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Hey! I'd like to see all of our bikes! I see ChopperChick's bike in avatar but need closer up pic if you have one. I have to join photobucket or some such, i guess, because shutterfly doesn't want to upload here.

Excitement on fridays International Female Ride Day....thought we saw a biker pulled way off or highway and looked like he was leaned over bike taking a nap. Came back same way about an hour later and same position. We pulled over at next offramp and called hiway patrol...don't know what happened. THEN, as we're pulling back on hiway, a ton of sirens and firetrucks whizz past because there's some kind of field equipment fire just about a mile away.

Just another day in the life of a biker, hey. Puddles, gravel, turkeys and wildlife galore, wild wacky weather. I'd like to hear some of your stories here, too. Pics and stories stories, please....i know ya got em!

Been to zumba 4x this week. Have become very serious now w/ this board in my life and summer around the corner. Main priority is no gut and/or Hi Janes (arm wings). At least make them smaller since i'll never be rid of it/them totally.
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