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EskaDee, congrats on going to the gym and preventing yourself from bingeing....and congrats on being three pounds down! Woo hoo.

Inglesita64 -- that is MAJOR. Wow. Good for you!

TheMilesAwayGirl -- Whenever I can finish a meal and feel satisfied, not stuffed or over-full, I count that as a victory. Sometimes I do eat more than I really "need" or I find myself eating quickly if I'm stressed, but if I can be tuned into my body, I'm pretty darn pleased with myself!

TexanInItaly -- Your emoticon made me chuckle! Good for you for stopping the binge after one night and starting fresh! It's often way too easy to make excuses to let binges go on and on for hours and days. (That just can't be me, can it?!) Day one/Hour one can start whenever you say!

I've been exercising a lot lately and icing various injuries/sore points. Yesterday I felt really good and exercised a ton, and didn't let myself get negative when I was on the tennis courts seemingly surrounded by women in cute tennis skirts with smooth legs. (If I think about the state of my thighs and upper arms I will just give up and binge.) But today I am up FOUR POUNDS. I saw that this morning and my first thought was of all of the breakfast foods I "might as well go eat," but since part of my May goal is to not let my scale control my mood, I'm reminding myself that swollen muscles retain a lot of water. Plus, I feel so good when I exercise and feel myself getting stronger....I have to remember that being healthy and stronger and not escaping into food are the goals here.

Good luck, everyone. :-)

Starting again after regaining 64 pounds.
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