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I had a complete blood work almost a year ago, and I was told that my iron levels were really low, and my vitamin D levels were really low as well.

So they put me on Vitamin D2 50,000 unit, and gave me some iron pills. Unfortunately, I couldn't take the iron pills because just one pill made me severely constipated.

So I've had to really focus on eating foods that are rich in Iron. I'm also taking Calcium supplements because I'm lactose intolerant.

So at the moment, I'm taking Calcium, Vitamin D2, and B12 energy pills. Mind you, these three are all gummie pills as I have trouble swallowing the regular pills.

I must say, I can definitely tell the difference when I have gone a week without taking my pills. I'm exhausted, can't get off the couch, and really depressed. Once I take my pills, then my energy levels do improve and I'm much more active in doing things. My goal this summer is to get out more and especially to get a tan. I've been white my whole life, and I really want to get a tan for a change.
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