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Originally Posted by AnnRue View Post
I think it very well could be. My history sounds like you. When I was a teenager I gained all my weight quickly. (over 3 months in college) I had the thought that there was something wrong then. Over the next ten years... I tried to diet and always got stuck... well before my goal and then would gain it back insanely quick. I was eating low food. I was exercising.

But this was the only diet I tried when I had full vitamin d levels. And it went so much easier.

I have actually struggled recently... I suspect even though I am taking more vitamin D, I am just not getting enough.

Here is also what I think happened last year... vitamin D gets stored in fat. Last year I started burning fat and releasing vitamin d that had been stored in the fat. So the levels were high with lower supplementation. Now, at 160... I have less fat, and I am not burning too much. So I have to take more vitamin d.

Had I not had that recent test, I would have been down at lower levels. I am now taking about 4000 IU per day. But since I am not seeing a ton of weight results .. I am wondering if I am taking enough.
That makes sense. And I am hypersensitive to sunlight and heat - it triggers migraines and I burn easily, so I avoid it. Well, the sun is one of the few good sources of vitamin D. I just got on a new multivitamin, but not sure if I am getting enough vitamin D. How much worked well for you?
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