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Genetics--was not a problem for me--coming from slender parents. So I certainly can't blame my weight on them. I also grew up with healthy eating habits--there was no fast food in the 50's. My problem was myself. I got lazy with exercise--and became a snack monster after 5 p.m. What's worse I didn't get on the scale for years and when I did it threw me into a shock. Somehow 30 pounds just sneaked up on me.

But I got my act together when my doctor looked at me and wanted to do a diabetes test on me. I thought--wait just a minute here--I am not that overweight--maybe 15 to 20 lbs. But then I learned that you really don't have to be obese to get this horrid disease. So I went back to not stuffing myself--stopped the after 5 p.m. food addiction--and went back to my exercise class -- and now have just 5 pounds to go to get back to where I was.
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