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Originally Posted by Vex View Post
I wonder ...and it's just wondering, if women joining the work force more and more through the last few decades also contributed?

When I think about my childhood, my mother was home most of the time and cooked home cooked meals every day. Staple meals like a meat, vege, an starch.

Is it possible that as we sent more women out into the workforce, those dinners have really ceased to exist anymore? Now, it's take out a couple nights a week or more. If it is cooked at home, rarely is it from scratch.

I'm not bashing on women working in any way, in fact, I'm a career woman, myself. I just wonder if this could be a contributor to our woes in the U.S.
Very interesting post, Vex because I have been wondering the same thing. If my mom didn't have to work and stayed home, would I still be fat? She was a single mother working 60+ hours a week with her own tanning salon and there was a couple of years where my grandma got sick and she would go over there to help on top of that so I was left to fend for myself from 10 years old until 15 years old. That meant a lot of frozen packaged meals, PB&J sandwiches and/or hotdogs. That also meant since mom wasn't around, I could have as much hot cheetos, sodas and candy as I wanted. Mom met a guy and moved to another state, became a SAHM with then-BF who worked from home. Incidentally, I started to lose from 200lbs to 150-160lbs (15 to 17 years old) until I went off to college. Don't know if that was because she became a SAHM and I didn't have to fend for myself?

While I'm not sure if it was/is my mom's fault, I still should have known better not to keep stuffing myself with crap that I didn't need. For now, I say it was my fault that I was morbidly obese.
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