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I am not bingeing now, but when I did it was because I thought I was not good enough. I discovered that feeling was the reason for most of my fits...
As to cravings, lowering the amount of carbs and "cleaning our palate" works wonders. We tend to eat what we last ate, so we need to break the cycle so our cravings are sort of reoriented to other foods. Of course you won't "crave" lettuce, but at least you will stop thinking obssessively about other foods.
And as to obssessing over your weight, it is quite "normal"! At least in this web site! LOL But really, slow down, Bunnydream, give your body the time it needs to lose weight. You cannot rush it.
Congrats to us all, who are avoiding binges and growing more aware of our real needs!
Goal met: 30 pounds lost!
Next goals: Run 10k
Final goals: abs, no more overeating, four pounds less
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