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PaintedPonies congratulations on reaching day 12! The same thing happens to me -not bingeing and then still not losing weight. I figure my body is just hanging on to the food I binged on for a while before it lets go and then the scales finally move. Keep strong!
SeaBiscuit I hope you made a good choice at 2 am and figured out what was keeping you up. I know it is helpful for me to have a few 'treats' occasionally and I have to work really hard not to beat myself up about it. You can eat some of the snacks you like in moderation, it sounds like you have a good plan!
Bunnydream I think that your obsessiveness affects a lot (all?) of people when they start counting calories and work on losing weight. I spend so much of my waking hours thinking about what I am going to eat, what I am not going to eat, how much exercise did I do, how can I exercise more, is there more calories in that or this, should I just eat it anyway cos I want it etc... that it starts to take over your 'sleeping hours' and your dreams. I can imagine that if you are feeling anxious on top of that, then it would extend into sleeplessness too. I think, for me, it has been one of those things that I have just adjusted to. When you see the scales move, then it seems worth it somehow! You just have to be careful to remember that there is more to life than weight loss, and not let it take over - even though that seems so hard in the beginning!

I'm feeling particularly proud as I managed to avoid a binge yesterday after I had a free personal training session at my new gym! I genuinely thought I was about to die only 10 minutes in, and all I could think was 'I wonder what thing I shouldn't have eaten did this to me?!!' I'm too young to be worrying that my heart is about to stop because I am so overweight and I not only didn't binge, but I ate healthily the rest of the day and I'm feeling so motivated today as well. I hope I can carry that horrible feeling with me whenever I go to the supermarket to avoid buying the things I will binge on. I have a feeling May is going to be a good month for kicking the binges forever!!!
Wow, sorry that was so long! I hope everyone else is having a good day today.

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