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I can do it!
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I am in, too! Binge-free May!

I feel a bit afraid at the moment though.

I've been counting my calories on LoseIt since last monday and it's been great, but I can barely sleep at night. I am going to weigh myself on Saturday and I am anxious to get the first 5 pounds off. I keep having dreams that I go to the fridge and cook fries and burgers and just all the food I'm craving! I'm afraid that I'm going to binge, or almost have already, even though I have been counting and keeping track.
Like for instance, I'm trying to JUST count calories, and I am well within my budget, but I ate foods like ice cream and pizza pops because I wanted something bad. I still counted the calories that day and didn't go over, but for some reason I am agonizing over what I've even eaten today.

Does anyone have any advice for me? Obviously I need to calm down and I'm almost being obsessive, I see that, but what can I do to calm myself without completely cheating?

I can't sleep at night no matter how hard I try. I just want the next day to come so I can hit the gym. Did anyone else have this happen to them?
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