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Ranch is your best friend. srsly.

My kids are pretty good about veggies. They are super meat eaters, though. I try to cook just enough of the stuff they get plenty that everyone gets a serving of it, and any left overs go into Daddy's lunch box. That way, if they're still hungry, they are taking seconds on veggies.

When my middle guy was a toddler he did not like lettuce. I swear I found a way to incorporate it into every dinner until he ate it. We had taco salad five times in two weeks. lol. He's great, now.

A favorite around here is green cheese lasagna. I mix around 20-30 oz thawed frozen fine chopped spinach with the 15oz of ricotta. No meat, just pasta sauce, oven ready noodles, green cheese(with an egg or two), and cheese. Last time I put mushrooms in it, too. My kids did protest a bit this last round, but only because they finally figured out the green wasn't food color.
give peas a chance.
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