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Hey Dance - I'm sure its a little bit of stress with everything going on. You just have to rope it back in. Since you are so close to your goal, continue with what you have been doing but give yourself 1 day a week a treat. And on that day, double your workout. Consider yesterday your treat day and now you have to stay on track the rest of the week. Also, look into making some zuchini chips to satisfy the craving. What I have started to do was make "to go" meals in plastic containers. Just like when you eat out. I made 3 egg white sanwiches this week and threw them in foil, then heated them up at work. I also made some grilled chicken sandwiches with cucumber and honey mustard dressing, along with some zuchini chips and places that in a styrofoam (sp?) box. Make your healthy options be convenient. You cannot maintain "perfectly" every day but if you say, "ok, I can wait until Saturday to have some chips and a burger" then it is easier to stick to plan the rest of the time.

Breath...and then exercise. Exercise will always offset our mistakes when dieting. :-) You can do this!
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