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S/C/G: H-247/S-187.2/ C-137.2/G-125

Height: 5'2"


I found a huge lump between my breasts! I had my doctor check it out at my recent visit, and she said it's the point where my ribs meet and it's only normal cartilage that can develop as one grows older. Who knew?!?

W01:-5.0 W10:-1.8 W19:-1.4 W31:-2.4
W02:-2.4 W11:-2.2 W20:-0.4 W33:-0.8
W03:-2.2 W12:-1.4 W21:-1.4 W35:-0.4
W04:-2.8 W13:-1.8 W22:-1.6
W05:-2.4 W14:-2.0 W23:-0.6
W06:-2.2 W15:-1.2 W24:-1.0
W07:-1.4 W16:-2.0 W25:-1.2
W08:-1.6 W17:-1.0 W29:-1.2
W09:-2.2 W18:-0.8 W30:-1.2
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